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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 11 - Verse 28

Verse 28. She went her way. Jesus probably directed her to go, though the evangelist has not recorded it, for she said to Mary, The Master calleth for thee.

Secretly. Privately. So that the others did not hear her. This was done, perhaps, to avoid confusion, or because it was probably that if they knew Jesus was coming they would have made opposition. Perhaps she doubted whether Jesus desired it to be known that he had come.

The Master is come. This appears to have been the appellation by which he was known to the family. It means literally, teacher, and was a title which he claimed for himself, "One is you Master, even Christ," Mt 22:8,10. The Syriac has it, "Our Master."

{r} "called Mary" Joh 21:7 {s} "The Master" Joh 13:13 {t} "calleth for thee" Mr 10:49

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