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Verse 48. Say we not well. Say we not truly.

Thou art a Samaritan. This was a term of contempt and reproach. See Barnes "Joh 4:9".

It had the force of charging him with being a heretic or a schismatic, because the Samaritans were regarded as such.

And hast a devil. See Joh 7:20. This charge they brought against him because he had said that they were not of God, or were not the friends of God. This they regarded as the same as taking sides with the Samaritans, for the question between the Jews and Samaritans was, which of them worshipped God aright, Joh 4:20. As Jesus affirmed that the Jews were not of God, and as he, contrary to all their views, had gone and preached to the Samaritans (John 4), they regarded it as a proof that he was disposed to take part with them. They also regarded it as evidence that he had a devil. The devil was an accuser or calumniator; and as Jesus charged them with being opposed to God, they considered it as proof that he was influenced by such an evil spirit.

Devil. In the original, demon. Not the prince or chief of the devils, but an evil spirit.

{v} "hast not a devil"

@Joh 7:20

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