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Verse 40. Ye seek to kill me. See Joh 8:37.

This did not Abraham. Or such things Abraham did not do. There are two things noted here in which they differed from Abraham:

1st. In seeking to kill him, or in possessing a murderous and bloody purpose.

2nd. In rejecting the truth as God revealed it. Abraham was distinguished for love to man as well as God. He liberated the captives (Ge 14:14-16); was distinguished for hospitality to strangers (Ge 18:1-8); and received the revelations of God to him, however mysterious, or however trying their observance, Ge 12:1-4; 15:4-6; Ge 22:1-24. It was for these things that he is so much commended in the New Testament (Ro 4:9; 9:9; Ga 3:6); and, as the Jews sought to kill Jesus instead of treating him hospitably and kindly, they showed that they had none of the spirit of Abraham.

{m} "this did not Abraham" Ro 4:12

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