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Verse 60. Many of his disciples. The word disciple means learner. It was applied to the followers of Christ because they were taught by him. It does not imply, of necessity, that those to whom it was given were real Christians, but simply that they were under his teaching, and were professed learners in his school. See Mt 17:16"; Mr 2:18; Joh 9:28; Mt 10:24.

It is doubtless used in this sense here. It is, however, often applied to those who are real Christians.

This is an hard saying. The word hard here means offensive, disagreeable —that which they could not bear. Some have understood it to mean "difficult to be understood," but this meaning does not suit the connection. The doctrine which he delivered was opposed to their prejudices; it seemed to be absurd, and they therefore rejected it.

Saying. Rather doctrine or speech—Greek, logos. It does not refer to any particular part of the discourse, but includes the whole.

Who can hear it? That is, who can hear it patiently—who can stay and listen to such doctrine or believe it. The effect of this is stated in Joh 6:66. The doctrines which Jesus taught that were so offensive appear to have been,

1st. That he was superior to Moses.

2nd. That God would save all that he had chosen, and those only.

3rd. That he said he was the bread that came from heaven.

4th. That it was necessary to partake of that; or that it was necessary that an atonement should be made, and that they should be saved by that. These doctrines have always been among the most offensive that men have been called on to believe, and many, rather than trust in them, have chosen to draw back to perdition.

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