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Verse 22. Judgeth no man. Jesus in these verses is showing his equality with God. He affirmed (Joh 5:17) that he had the same power over the Sabbath that his Father had; in Joh 5:19 that he did the same things as the Father; in Joh 5:21 particularly that he had the same power to raise the dead. He now adds that God has given him the authority to judge men. The Father pronounces judgment on no one. This office he has committed to the Son. The power of judging the world implies ability to search the heart, and omniscience to understand the motives of all actions. This is a work which none but a divine being can do, and it shows, therefore, that the Son is equal to the Father.

Hath committed, Hath appointed him to be the judge of the world. In the previous verse he had said that he had power to raise the dead; he here adds that it will be his, also, to judge them when they are raised. See Mt 25:31-46; Ac 17:31.

{t} "hath committed" Mt 11:27; Ac 17:31; 2 Co 5:10

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