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Verse 41. If ye were blind. If you were really blind—had had no opportunities of learning the truth. If you were truly ignorant, and were willing to confess it, and to come to me for instruction.

No sin. You would not be guilty. Sin is measured by the capacities or ability of men, and by their opportunities of knowing the truth. If men had no ability to do the will of God, they could incur no blame. If they have all proper ability, and no disposition, God holds them to be guilty. This passage teaches conclusively,

1st. That men are not condemned for what they cannot do.

2nd. That the reason why they are condemned is that they are not disposed to receive the truth.

3rd. That pride and self-confidence are the sources of condemnation.

4th. That if men are condemned, they, and not God, will be to blame.

We see. We have knowledge of the law of God. This they had pretended when they professed to understand the law respecting the Sabbath better than Jesus, and had condemned him for healing on that day.

Your sin remaineth. You are guilty, and your sin is unpardoned. Men's sins will always be unpardoned while they are proud, and self-sufficient, and confident of their own wisdom. If they will come with humble hearts and confess their ignorance, God will forgive, enlighten, and guide them in the path to heaven.

{e} "If ye were blind" Joh 15:22,24 {f} "therefore" Isa 5:21; Lu 18:14; 1 Jo 1:8-10

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