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Verse 50. Go thy way. This was a kind and tender address. It was designed to convince him that he could word a miracle though not personally present.

Thy son liveth. Thy son shall recover; or he shall be restored to health, according to thy request.

The man believed. The manner in which Jesus spoke it, and the assurance which he gave, convinced the man that he could heal him there as well as to go to Capernaum to do it. This is an instance of the power of Jesus to convince the mind, to soothe doubts, to confirm faith, and to meet our desires. He blesses not always in the manner in which we ask, but he grants us our main wish. The father wished his son healed by Jesus going down to Capernaum. Jesus healed him, but not in the way in which he asked it to be done. God will hear our prayers and grant our requests, but often not in the precise manner in which we ask it. It is his to judge of the best way of doing us good.

{h} "Go thy way" Mt 8:13; Mr 7:29,30; Lu 17:14

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