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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 24 - Verse 27

Verse 27. Beginning at Moses. At the writings of Moses, or at the beginning of the Old Testament; or rather the word beginning should be separated from what follows, denoting simply that he commenced his discourse, and not that he began at the prophets as well as at Moses; thus, "And commencing his discourse, or replying to them, he expounded from Moses and the prophets," &c.

All the prophets. The books of the Old Testament generally.

He expounded. He explained or interpreted it to them. Probably he showed them that their notions of the Messiah were not according to the Scriptures. They expected a temporal prince; they were perplexed because Jesus had not assumed the regal power, but had been put to death. He showed them that according to the prophecies he ought to suffer, and that his death, therefore, was no argument that he was not the Messiah.

In all the scriptures. In all the writings of the Old Testament. They were called scriptures because they were written, the art of printing being then unknown.

The things concerning himself. Concerning the Messiah. It does not appear that he applied them to himself, but left them, probably, to make the application. He showed what the Scriptures foretold, and they saw that these things applied to Jesus of Nazareth, and began to be satisfied that he was the Messiah. The most striking passages foretelling the character and sufferings of Christ are the following, which we may suppose it possible our Saviour dwelt upon to convince them that, though he was crucified, yet he was the Christ: Ge 3:15; De 18:15; Ge 49:10; Nu 21:8-9; Is 53:1-12; Da 9:25-27; Is 9:6,7; Ps 110:1-7; Ps 16:1-11; Ps 22:1-31; Mal 4:2-6


{u} "Moses" Lu 24:44; Ac 3:22 {v} "the prophets" Ac 10:43; 26:22

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