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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 21 - Verse 25

Verse 25. See Barnes "Mt 24:29".


Upon the earth distress of nations. Some have proposed to render the word earth by land, confining it to Judea. It often has this meaning, and there seems some propriety in so using it here. The word translated distress denotes anxiety of mind—such an anxiety as men have when they do not know what to do to free themselves from calamities; and it means here that the calamities would be so great and overwhelming that they would not know what to do to escape. There would be a want of counsel, and deep anxiety at the impending evils.

With perplexity. Rather on account of their perplexity, or the desperate state of their affairs. The Syriac has it, "perplexity or wringing of hands," which is a sign of deep distress and horror.

The sea and the waves roaring. This is not to be understood literally, but as an image of great distress. Probably it is designed to denote that these calamities would come upon them like a deluge. As when in a storm the ocean roars, and wave rolls on wave and dashes against the shore, and each succeeding surge is more violent than the one that preceded it, so would the calamities come upon Judea. They would roll over the whole land, and each wave of trouble would be more violent than the one that preceded it, until the whole country would be desolate. The same image is also used in Is 8:7,8; Re 18:15.


{x} "Distress of nations" Da 12:1

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