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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 21 - Verse 19

Verse 19. In your patience. Rather by your perseverance. The word patience here means constancy or perseverance in sustaining afflictions.

Possess ye your souls. Some read here the future instead of the present of the verb rendered possess. The word possess means here to preserve or keep, and the word souls means lives. This passage may be thus translated: By persevering in bearing these trials you will save your lives, or you will be safe; or, by persevering preserve your lives, that is, do not yield to these calamities, but bear up under them, for he that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved. Comp. Mt 24:13.

{s} "In your patience" Ro 5:3; He 10:36; Jas 1:4

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