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Verse 9. Salvation is come to this house. This family. They have this day received the blessings of the gospel, and become interested in the Messiah's kingdom. Salvation commences when men truly receive Christ and their sins are pardoned; it is completed when the soul is sanctified and received up into heaven.

Forasmuch. Because. For he has given evidence that he is a new man, and is disposed to forsake his sins and receive the gospel.

The son of Abraham. Hitherto, although a Jew, yet he has been a sinner, and a great sinner. He was not worthy to be called a son of Abraham. Now, by repentance, and by receiving the Christ whose day Abraham saw and was glad (Joh 8:56), he has shown himself to be worthy to be called his son. Abraham was an example of distinguished piety; the father of the faithful (Ro 4:11), as well as the ancestor of the Jews. They were called his sons who were descended from him, and particularly they who resembled him. In this place the phrase is used in both senses.

{h} "son of Abraham" Lu 13:16

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