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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 12 - Verse 37

Verse 37. Shall gird himself. Shall take the place of the servant himself. Servants who waited on the table were girded in the manner described above.

Shall make them sit, &c. Shall place them at his table and feast them. This evidently means that if we are faithful to Christ, and are ready to meet him when he returns, he will receive us into heaven — will admit us to all its blessings, and make us happy there—as if he should serve us and minister to our wants. It will be as if a master, instead of sitting down at the table himself, should place his faithful servants there, and be himself the servant. This shows the exceeding kindness and condescension of our Lord. For us, poor and guilty sinners, he denied himself, took the form of a servant (Php 2:7), and ministered to our wants. In our nature he has wrought out salvation, and he has done it in one of the humblest conditions of the children of men. How should our bosoms burn with gratitude to him, and how should we be willing to serve one another] See Barnes "Joh 13:1".

Also, see Joh 13:2-17.

{h} "Blessed are" Mt 24:46

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