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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 12 - Verse 48

Verse 48. Few stripes. The Jews never inflicted more than forty stripes for one offence, De 25:3. For smaller offences they inflicted only four, five, six, &c., according to the nature of the crime. In allusion to this, our Lord says that he that knew not — that is, he who had comparatively little knowledge—would suffer a punishment proportionally light. He refers, doubtless, to those who have fewer opportunities, smaller gifts, or fewer teachers.

Much is given. They who have much committed to their disposal, as stewards, &c. See the parable of the talents in Mt 25:14-30. See Barnes "Mt 25:14, also Mt 25:15-30.

{r} "he that knew not" Ac 17:30 {s} "For unto whomsoever" Le 5:17; Joh 15:22; 1 Ti 1:13

{t} "committed much" 1 Ti 6:20

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