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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 11 - Verse 49

Verse 49. See Barnes "Mt 23:29".

Also Mt 23:30-36.

The wisdom of God. By the wisdom of God, here, is undoubtedly meant the Saviour himself. What he immediately says is not written in the Old Testament. Jesus is called the word of God (Joh 1:1), because he is the medium by which God speaks or makes his will known. He is called the wisdom of God, because by him God makes his wisdom known in creation (Co 1:13-18) and in redemption (1 Co 1:30). Many have also thought that the Messiah was referred to in the 8th chapter of Proverbs, under the name of Wisdom.

I will send, &c. See Lu 10:3; Mt 10:16.

Shall slay, &c. Comp. Joh 16:2; Ac 7:52,59; Jas 5:10; Ac 12:2; 22:19; 2 Co 11:24,25; 2 Ch 36:15,16.

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