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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 11 - Verse 12

Verses 9-12. See Barnes "Mt 7:7, See Barnes "Mt 7:8, See Barnes "Mt 7:9, See Barnes "Mt 7:10, See Barnes "Mt 7:11"


Verse 12. A scorpion. See Barnes "Lu 10:19".

Dr. Thomson (The Land and the Book, vol. i. p. 379) says:

"There is no imaginable likeness between an egg and

the ordinary black scorpion of this country, neither

in colour nor size, nor, when the tail is extended,

in shape; but old writers speak of a white scorpion,

and such a one, with the tail folded up, as in

specimens of fossil trilobites, would not look unlike

a small egg. Perhaps the contrast, however, refers

only to the different properties of the egg and the

scorpion, which is sufficiently emphatic."

Pliny (N. H., xi. 25) says that in Judea the scorpions are about the size of an egg, and not unlike one in shape.

{3} "offer" or, "give"

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