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Verse 1. As he was praying. Luke has taken notice of our Saviour's praying often. Thus, at his baptism Lu 3:21; in the wilderness (Lu 5:16); before the appointment of the apostles, he continued all night in prayer (Lu 6:12); he was alone praying (Lu 9:18); his transfiguration also took place when he went up to pray Lu 9:28,29.

Teach us to Pray. Probably they had been struck with the excellency and fervour of his prayers, and, recollecting that John had taught his disciples to pray, they asked him also to teach them. We learn, therefore—

1st. That the gifts and graces of others should lead us to desire the same.

2nd. That the true method of praying can be learned only by our being properly taught. Indeed, we cannot pray acceptably at all unless God shall teach us how to pray.

3rd. That it is proper for us to meditate beforehand what we are to ask of God, and to arrange our thoughts, that we may not come thoughtlessly into his presence.

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