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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 10 - Verse 32

Verse 32. A Levite. The Levites, as well as the priests, were of the tribe of Levi, and were set apart to the duties of religion. The peculiar duty of the priest was to offer sacrifice at the temple; to present incense; to conduct the morning and evening services of the temple, &c. The office or duty of the Levites was to render assistance to the priests in their services. In the journey of the Israelites through the wilderness, it was their duty to transport the various parts of the tabernacle and the sacred utensils. It was their duty to see that the tabernacle and the temple were kept clean; to prepare supplies for the sanctuary, such as oil, incense, wine, &c. They had also the care of the sacred revenues, and after the time of David they conducted the sacred music of the temple service, Nu 8:5-22; 1 Ch 23:3-5,24-32; 24:27-31.


Came and looked on him. It is remarked by critics, here, that the expression used does not denote, as in the case of the priest, that he accidentally saw him and took no farther notice of him, but that he came and looked on him more attentively, but still did nothing to relieve him.

{i} "came and looked on him" Ps 109:25; Pr 27:10

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