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Verse 25. Of a truth. Truly, and therefore worthy of your credit. He calls attention to two cases where acknowledged prophets had so little honour in their own nation that they bestowed their favours on foreigners. So, says he, such is the want of faith in my own country, that I shall work no miracles here, but shall give the evidence of my divine mission to others.

In Israel. In the land of Israel, or Judea. It was therefore the more remarkable, since there were so many in his own country whom he might have helped, that the prophet should have gone to a heathen city and aided a poor widow there.

The days of Elias. The days of Elijah. See the account of this in 1 Ki 17:8-24.

Three years and six months. From 1 Ki 18:1,45, it would seem that the rain fell on the third year—that is, at the end of the third year after the rain had ceased to fall at the usual time. There were two seasons of the year when rains fell in Judea—in October and April, called the early and latter rain; consequently there was an interval between them of six months. To the three years, therefore, when rain was withheld at the usual times, are to be added the previous six months, when no rain fell as a matter of course, and consequently three years and six months elapsed without rain.

A great famine. A great want of food, from long-continued and distressing drought.

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