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Verse 29. The brow {2} of the hill whereon, &c. The region in which Nazareth was is hilly, though Nazareth was situated between two hills, or in a vale among mountains. The place to which they led the Saviour is still shown, and is called the Mount of Precipitation. It is at a short distance to the south of Nazareth.

See BARNES on "Mt 2:23".


Cast him down. This was the effect of a popular tumult. They had no legal right to take life on any occasion, and least of all in this furious and irregular manner. The whole transaction shows—

1st. That the character given of the Galileans elsewhere as being peculiarly wicked was a just one.

2nd. To what extremities the wickedness of the heart will lead men when it is acted out. And,

3rd. That men are opposed to the truth, and that they would do anything, if not restrained, to manifest their opposition.

{2} or "edge" {y} "that they might cast him down" Ps 37:32,33

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