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Verse 32. A light to lighten the Gentiles {p}. This is in accordance with the prophecies in the Old Testament, Isa 49:1-26; 9:6,7

Ps 98:3; Mal 4:2. The Gentiles are represented as sitting in darkness—that is, in ignorance and sin. Christ is a light to them, as by him they will be made acquainted with the character of the true God, his law, and the plan of redemption. As the darkness rolls away when the sun arises, so ignorance and error flee away when Jesus gives light to the mind. Nations shall come to his light, and kings to the brightness of his rising, Isa 60:3.

And the glory, &c. The first offer of salvation was made to the Jews, Joh 4:22; Lu 24:47. Jesus was born among the Jews; to them had been given the prophecies respecting him, and his first ministry was among them. Hence he was their glory, their honour, their light. But it is a subject of special gratitude to us that the Saviour was given also for the Gentiles; for,

1. We are Gentiles, and if he had not come we should have been shut out from the blessings of redemption.

2. It is he only that now

"Can make our dying bed

Feel soft as downy pillows are,

While on his breast we lean our head,

And breathe our life out sweetly there."

Thus our departure may be like that of Simeon. Thus we may die in peace. Thus it will be a blessing to die. But,

3. In order to do this, our life must be like that of Simeon. We must wait for the consolation of Israel. We must look for his coming. We must be holy, harmless, undefiled, loving the Saviour. Then death to us, like death to Simeon, will have no terror; we shall depart in peace, and in heaven see the salvation of God, 2 Pe 3:11,12. But,

4. Children, as well as the hoary-headed Simeon, may look for the coming of Christ. They too must die; and their death will be happy only as they depend on the Lord Jesus, and are prepared to meet him.

{p} Isa 42:6; 49:6; 60:3; Ac 13:47,48

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