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Verse 40. Strong in spirit. In mind, intellect, understanding. Jesus had a human soul, and that soul was subject to all the proper laws of a human spirit. It therefore increased in knowledge, strength, and character. Nor is it any more inconsistent with his being God to say that his soul expanded, than to say that his body grew.

Filled with wisdom. Eminent for wisdom when a child—that is, exhibiting an extraordinary understanding, and wise to flee from everything sinful and evil.

And the grace of God, &c. The word grace in the New Testament commonly means unmerited favour shown to sinners. Here it means no more than favour. God showed him favour, or was pleased with him and blessed him. It is remarkable that this is all that is recorded of the infancy of Jesus; and this, with the short account that follows of his going to Jerusalem, is all that we know of him for thirty years of his life. The design of the evangelists was to give an account of his public ministry, and not his private life. Hence they say little of him in regard to his first years. What they do say, however, corresponds entirely with what we might expect. He was wise, pure, pleasing God, and deeply skilled in the knowledge of the divine law. He set a lovely example for all children; was subject to his parents, and increased in favour with God and man.

{w} "filled with wisdom" Isa 11:2,3; Lu 2:52

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