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Verse 33. Over the house of Jacob. The house of Jacob means the same thing as the family of Jacob, or the descendants of Jacob—that is, the children of Israel. This was the name by which the ancient people of God were known, and it is the same as saying that he would reign over his own church and people for ever. This he does by giving them laws, by defending them, and by guiding them; and this he will do for ever in the kingdom of his glory.

{i} Of his kingdom there shall be no end. He shall reign among his people on earth until the end of time, and be their king for ever in heaven. His is the only kingdom that shall never have an end; He the only King that shall never lay aside his diadem and robes, and that shall never die. He the only King that can defend us from all our enemies, sustain us in death, and reward us in eternity. O how important, then, to have an interest in his kingdom! and how unimportant, compared with his favour, is the favour of all earthly monarchs!

{i} Da 7:14,27; Mi 4:7



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