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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MARK - Chapter 16 - Verse 14

Verse 14. See Barnes "Mt 28:16"

and Mt 28:17-20.

As they sat at meat. The word meat here means food, or meals. As they were reclining at their meals.

And upbraided them, etc. Rebuked them, or reproached them. This was done because, after all the evidence they had had of his resurrection, still they did not believe. This is a most important circumstance in the history of our Lord's resurrection. Never were men more difficult to be convinced of anything, than they were of that fact. And this shows, conclusively, that they had not conspired to impose on the world; that they had given up all for lost when he died; that they did not expect his resurrection; and all this is the strongest proof that he truly rose. They were not convinced, until it was impossible for them longer to deny it. Had they expected it, they would have caught easily at the slightest evidence, and even turned every circumstance in favour of such an event. It may be added, that it was impossible that eleven men of good natural understanding should have been deceived in so plain a case. They had been with Jesus three years; they perfectly knew his features, voice, manner. And it was impossible that they should have been deceived by any one who might have pretended to have been the Lord Jesus.

{y} "Afterward" Lu 24:36; 1 Co 15:5 {1} "sat" or "together" {z} "unbelief" Lu 24:25

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