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Verse 38. And he said unto them, etc. This was said in answer to their implied request, that he would go and meet the multitudes. "Since the anxiety to hear the truth is so great; since such multitudes are waiting to hear the word, let us go into the next towns," etc.

Next towns. Towns in the neighbourhood or vicinity of Capernaum. He proposed to carry the gospel to them, rather than that multitudes should leave their homes and attend him in his ministry.

Towns. The word here rendered towns denotes places in size between cities and villages, or large places, but without walls.

For therefore came I forth. That is, came forth from God, or was sent by God. Luke says, (Lu 4:43) "for therefore am I sent." Compare Joh 16:28. "I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world." The meaning of this verse therefore is—Since multitudes press to hear the word, let us not remain here, but go into the neighbouring towns also, for I was sent by God not to preach at Capernaum only, but throughout Judea, and it is therefore improper to confine my labours to this place.

{x} "therefore" Isa 61:1,2; Joh 17:8

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