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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 15 - Verse 17

Verse 17. I have therefore, etc. I have cause of glorying. I have cause of rejoicing that God has made me a minister to the Gentiles, and that he has given me such success among them. The ground of this he states in Ro 15:18-22.

Glory. Of boasting, (kauchsin the word usually rendered boasting,) Jas 4:16; Ro 3:27; 2 Co 7:14; 8:24; 9:3,4; 10:15; 11:10,17.

It means also praise, thanksgiving, and joy, 1 Co 15:31; 2 Co 1:12; 7:4; 8:24; 1 Th 2:19

This is its meaning here, that the apostle had great cause of rejoicing or praise that he had been so highly honoured in the appointment to this office, and in his success in it.

Through Jesus Christ. By the assistance of Jesus Christ; ascribing his success among the Gentiles to the aid which Jesus Christ had rendered him.

In those things which pertain to God. Comp. Heb 5:1. The things of religion; the things which God has commanded, and which pertain to his honour and glory. They were not things which pertained to Paul, but to God; not wrought by Paul, but by Jesus Christ; yet he might rejoice that he had been the means of diffusing so far those blessings. The success of a minister is not for his own praises, but for the honour of God; not by his skill or power, but by the aid of Jesus Christ; yet he may rejoice that through him such blessings are conferred on men.

{x} "glory through Jesus Christ" 2 Co 12:1 {y} "which pertain to God" Heb 5:1

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