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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 15 - Verse 5

Verse 5. Now the God of patience. The God who is himself long-suffering, who bears patiently with the errors and faults of his children, and who can give patience, may he give you of his Spirit, that you may bear patiently the infirmities and errors of each other. The example of God here, who bears long with his children, and is not angry soon at their offences, is a strong argument why Christians should bear with each other. If God bears long and patiently with our infirmities, we ought to bear with each other.

And consolation. Who gives or imparts consolation.

To be like-minded, etc. Gr., To think the same thing; that is, to be united, to keep from divisions and strifes.

According to Christ Jesus. According to the example and spirit of Christ; his was a spirit of peace. Or, according to what his religion requires. The name of Christ is sometimes thus put for his religion, 2 Co 11:4; Eph 4:20. If all Christians would imitate the example of Christ, and follow his instructions, there would be no contentions among them. He earnestly sought in his parting prayer their unity and peace, Joh 17:21-23.

{h} "one toward another" 1 Co 1:10 {1} "according to Christ Jesus" or, "after the example of"

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