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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 14 - Verse 12

Verse 12. So then. Wherefore; or according to the doctrine of the Old Testament.

Every one of us. That is, every Christian; for the connexion requires us to understand the argument only of Christians. At the same time it is a truth abundantly revealed elsewhere, that all men shall give account of their conduct to God, 2 Co 5:10; Mt 25; Ec 12:14.


Give account of himself". That is, of his character and conduct; his words and actions; his plans and purposes. In the fearful arraignment of that day, every work and purpose shall be brought forth, and tried by the unerring standard of justice. As we shall be called to so fearful an account with God, we should not be engaged in condemning our brethren, but should examine whether we are prepared to give up our account with joy, and not with grief.

To God. The judgment will be conducted by the Lord Jesus, Mt 25:31-46; Ac 17:31. All judgment is committed to the Son, Joh 5:22,27. Still we may be said to give account to God,

(1.) because he appointed the Messiah to be the Judge, (Ac 17:31) and,

(2.) because the Judge himself is Divine. The Lord Jesus being God as well as man, the account will be rendered directly to the Creator as well as the Redeemer of the world. In this passage there are two incidental proofs of the Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. First, the fact that the apostle applies to him language which in the prophecy is expressly spoken by Jehovah; and, secondly, the fact that Jesus is declared to be the Judge of all. No being that is not omniscient can be qualified to judge the secrets of all men. None who has not seen human purposes at all times, and in all places; who has not been a witness of the conduct by day and by night; who has not been present with all the race at all times; and who, in the great day, cannot discern the true character of the soul, can be qualified to conduct the general judgment. Yet none can possess these qualifications but God. The Lord Jesus, "the Judge of quick and dead," (2 Ti 4:1,) is therefore Divine.

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