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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 10 - Verse 16

Verse 16. But they have not all obeyed the gospel. It is not easy to see the connexion of this; and it has been made a question whether this is to be regarded as a continuation of the objection of the Jew, or as a part of the answer of the apostle. After all the attention which I have been able to give it, I am inclined to regard it as an admission of the apostle, as if he had said, "It must be admitted that all have not obeyed the gospel. So far as the objection of the Jew arises from that fact, and so far as that fact can bear on the case, it is to be conceded that all have not yielded obedience to the gospel. For this was clearly declared even by the prophet." Comp. Ac 28:24; Heb 4.


For Esaias saith. Isa 53:1.

Who hath believed our report? That is, Isaiah complains that his declarations respecting the Messiah had been rejected by his countrymen. The form of expression, "Who hath believed?" is a mode of saying emphatically that few or none had done it. The great mass of his countrymen had rejected it. This was an example to the purpose of the apostle. In the time of Isaiah this fact existed; and it was not a new thing that it existed in the time of the gospel.

Our report. Our message; or that which is delivered to be heard and believed. It originally means the doctrine which Isaiah delivered about the Messiah; and implies that the same thing would occur when the Messiah should actually come. Hence in the 53rd chapter he proceeds to give the reasons why the report would not be credited, and why the Messiah would be rejected. It would be because he was a root out of a dry ground; because he was a man of sorrows, etc. And this actually took place. Because he did not come with splendour and pomp, as a temporal prince, he was rejected, and put to death. On substantially the same grounds he is even yet rejected by thousands. The force of this verse, perhaps, may be best seen by including it in a parenthesis, "How beautiful are the feet," etc.; how important is the gospel ministry —(although it must be admitted, that all have not obeyed, for this was predicted also by Isaiah, etc.)

{w} "they have not all obeyed" Ac 28:24; Heb 4:2 {x} "Lord, who hath" Isa 53:1; Joh 12:38 {1} "believed" or, "the hearing of us" {2} "our report" or, "preaching"

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