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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 8 - Verse 18

Verse 18. For I reckon. I think; I judge. This verse commences a new division of the subject, which is continued to Ro 8:25. Its design is to show the power of the gospel in sustaining the soul in trials: a very important and material part of the scheme. This had been partially noticed before, (Ro 5:3-5) but its full power to support the sold in the prospect of a glorious immortality had not been fully discussed. This topic seems here to have been suggested by what is said of adoption. The mind of the apostle instantly adverted to the effects or benefits of that adoption; and one of the most material of those benefits was the sustaining grace which the gospel imparted in the midst of afflictions. It should be borne in mind, that the early Christians were comparatively few and feeble, and exposed to many trials, and that this topic would be often, therefore, introduced into the discussions about theft privileges and condition.

The sufferings. The afflictions; the persecutions, sicknesses, etc. The expression evidently includes not only the peculiar trials of Christians at that time, but all that believers are ever called to endure.

Of this present time. Probably the apostle had particular reference to the various calamities then endured. But the expression is equally applicable to afflictions of all times and in all places.

Are not worthy to be compared. Are nothing in comparison; the one is far more than an equivalent in compensation for the other.

With the glory. The happiness; the honour in heaven.

Which shall be revealed in us. That shall be disclosed to us; or of which we shall be the partakers in heaven. The usual representation of heaven is that of glory, splendour, magnificence, or light. Comp. Re 21:10,23,24; 22:5.


By this, therefore, Christians may be sustained. Their sufferings may seem great; but they should remember that they are nothing in comparison with future glory. They are nothing in degree. For these are light compared with that "eternal weight of glory" which they shall "work out," 2 Co 4:17. They are nothing in duration. For these sufferings are but for a moment; but the glory shall be eternal. These will soon pass away; but that glory shall never become dim or diminished, it will increase and expand for ever and ever.

In us. Unto us, (eiv hmav).

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