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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 8 - Verse 11

Verse 11. But if the Spirit of him, etc. The Holy Spirit, Ro 8:9. He that raised up Christ, etc. He that had power to restore him to life, has power to give life to you. He that did, in fact, restore him to life, will also restore you. The argument here seems to be founded, first, on the power of God; and, secondly, on the connexion between Christ and his people. Comp. Joh 14:19, "Because I live, ye shall live also."

Shall also quicken. Shall make alive.

Your mortal bodies. That this does not refer to the resurrection of the dead seems to be apparent, because that is not attributed to the Holy Spirit. I understand it as referring to the body, subject to carnal desires and propensities; by nature under the reign of death, and therefore mortal—i. e. subject to death. The sense is, that under the gospel, by the influence of the Spirit, the entire man will be made alive in the service of God. Even the corrupt, carnal, and mortal body, so long under the dominion of sin, shall be made alive and recovered to the service of God. This will be done by the Spirit that dwells in us, because that Spirit has restored life to our souls, abides with us with his purifying influence, and because the design and tendency of his indwelling is to purify the entire man, and restore all to God. Christians thus in their bodies and their spirits become sacred. For even their body, the seat of evil passions and desires, shall become alive in the service of God.

{p} "he that raised up" 2 Co 4:14 {1} "by his Spirit" or, "because of"

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