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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 5 - Verse 9

Verse 9. Much more then. It is much more reasonable to expect it. There are fewer obstacles in the way. If, when we were enemies, he overcame all that was in the way of our salvation, much more have we reason to expect that he will afford us protection now that we are his friends. This is one ground of the hope expressed in Ro 5:6.

Being now justified. Pardoned; accepted as his friends.

By his blood. By his death. See Barnes "Ro 3:25".

The fact that we are purchased by his blood, and sanctified by it, renders us sacred in the eye of God; bestows a value on us proportionate to the worth of the price of our redemption; and is a pledge that he will keep that which has been so dearly bought.

Saved from wrath. From hell; from the punishment due to sin. See Barnes "Ro 2:8".


{n} "by his blood, we" Heb 9:14,22 {o} "from wrath" 1 Th 1:10

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