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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 4 - Verse 24

Verse 24. But for us also. For our use, comp. Ro 15:4; 1 Co 10:11 that we might have an example of the way in which men may be accepted of God. It is recorded for our encouragement and imitation, to show that we may in a similar manner be accepted and saved.

If we believe on him. etc. Abraham showed his faith in God by believing just what God revealed to him. This was his faith, and it might be as strong and implicit as could be exercised under the fullest revelation. Faith, now, is belief in God just so far as he has revealed his will to us. It is therefore the same in principle, though it may have reference to different objects. It is confidence in the same God, according to what we know of his will. Abraham showed his faith mainly in confiding in the promises of God respecting a numerous prosperity. This was the leading truth made know to him, and this he believed. The main or leading leading truths that God had made known to us are, that he has given his Son to die; that he has raised him up; and that through him he is ready to pardon. To put confidence in these truths is to believe now. Doing this, we believe in the same God that Abraham did; we evince the same spirit; and thus show that we are the friends of the same God, and may be treated in the same manner. This is faith under the gospel (comp. See Barnes "Mr 16:16") , and shows that the faith of Abraham and of all true believers is substantially the same, and is varied only by the difference of the truths made known.

{a} "For us also" Ac 2:39 {b} "we believe on him" Mr 16:16; Joh 3:14-16

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