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Verse 22. They were exceeding sorrowful. John says, they looked on one another, like men in anxiety, conscious each one, except Judas, of no such intention, and each one beginning to examine himself, to find whether he was the person intended. This showed their innocence, and their attachment to Jesus. It showed how sensitive they were to the least suspicion of the kind. It showed that they were willing to know themselves; thus evincing the spirit of the true Christian. Judas only was silent, and was the last to make the inquiry, and that after he had been plainly indicated, Mt 26:25. Thus showing,

(1.) that guilt is slow to suspect itself;

(2.) that it shrinks from the light;

(3.) that it was his purpose to conceal his intention; and,

(4.) that nothing but the consciousness that his Lord knew it could induce him to make inquiry. The guilty would, if possible, always conceal their crimes. The innocent are ready to suspect that they may have done wrong. Their feelings are tender, and they inquire with solicitude whether there may not be something in their bosoms unknown to themselves, that may be a departure from right feeling.

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