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Verse 14. Then one of the twelve, etc. Luke says that Satan entered into Judas. That is, Satan tempted or instigated him to do it. Probably he tempted Judas by appealing to his avarice, his ruling passion, and by suggesting that now was a favourable opportunity to make money rapidly, by selling his Lord.

Judas Iscariot. See Barnes "Mt 10:4".


Unto the Chief Priests. The high priest, and those who had been high priests. The ruling men of the sanhedrim. Luke adds, that he went also to the captains, (Mt 22:4.) It was necessary, on account of the great wealth deposited there, and its great sacredness, to guard the temple by night. Accordingly, men were stationed around it, whose leaders or commanders were caned captains, Ac 4:1. These men were commonly of the tribe of the Levites, were closely connected with the priests, were men of influence; and Judas went to them, therefore, as well as to the priests, to offer himself as a traitor. Probably his object was to get as much money as possible; and he might therefore have attempted to make a bargain with several of them apart from each other.

{w} "of the twelve" Mt 10:4

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