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Verse 6. In Bethany. See Barnes "Mt 21:1".


Simon the leper Simon who had been a leper.

Leper. See Barnes "Mt 8:2".

It was unlawful to eat with persons that had the leprosy; and it is more than probable, therefore, that this Simon had been healed—perhaps by our Lord himself. Mt 12:1 says, that this was the house where Lazarus was, who had been raised from the dead. Probably Lazarus was a relative of Simon's, and was living with him. He farther says that they made Jesus a supper, and that Martha served. John says that this was six days before the passover. From the order in which Matthew and Mark mention it, it would have been supposed that it was but two days before the passover, and after the cleansing of the temple. But it is to be observed,

(1.) that Matthew and Mark often neglect the exact order of the events that they record.

(2.) That they do not affirm at what time this was. They leave it indefinite, saying that while Jesus was in Bethany he was anointed by Mary.

(3.) That Matthew introduced it here for the purpose of giving a connected account of the conduct of Judas. Judas murmured at the waste of the ointment, Joh 12;4

and one of the effects of his indignation, it seems, was to betray his Lord.

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