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Verse 14. For the kingdom of heaven, etc. This parable of the talents was spoken still farther to illustrate the manner in which he would deal with men at his return to judgment, The words, the kingdom of heaven, are not in the original, but are very properly inserted by the translators. The design of the parable is to teach that those who improve their talents or faculties in the cause of religion— who improve them to their own salvation, and in doing good to others —shall be proportionally rewarded. But they who neglect their talents, and neither secure their own salvation nor do good to others, will be punished. The kingdom of heaven is like such a man; that is, God deals with men, in his government, as such a man did.

His own servants. That is, such of them as he judged worthy [of] such a trust. These represent the apostles, Christian ministers, professing Christians, and perhaps all men. The going into a far country may represent the Lord Jesus going into heaven. He has given to all talents to improve, Eph 4:8.

His goods. His property-representing the offices, abilities, and opportunities for doing good, which he has given to his professed followers.

{i} "For the kingdom of heaven" Lu 19:12

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