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Verse 34. I send unto you prophets, etc. He doubtless refers here to the apostles, and other teachers of religion. Prophets, wise men, and scribes, were the names by which the teachers of religion were known among the Jews; and he, therefore, used the same terms when speaking of the messengers which he would send. I send has the force of the future, I will send.

Some of them ye shall kill. As in the case of Stephen, Ac 7:59, and James, Ac 12:1,2.

Crucify. Punish with death on the cross. There are no cases of this mentioned; but few historical records of this age have come down to us. The Jews had not the power of crucifying, but they gave them into the hands of the Romans to do it.

Shall scourge. See Barnes "Mt 10:17".

This was done, Ac 22:19-24; 2 Co 11:24,25.


Persecute, etc. See Barnes "Mt 5:10".

This was fulfilled it the case of nearly all the apostles.

{q} "shall kill" Ac 7:59 {r} "ye scourge" Ac 5:40; 2 Co 11:24,25

{s} "city to city" Heb 11:37

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