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Verse 40. On these two commandments hang, etc. That is, these comprehend the substance of what Moses in the law, and what the prophets have spoken. What they have said has been to endeavour to win men to the love of God and each other. Love to God and man comprehends the whole [of] religion; and to produce this has been the design of Moses, the prophets, the Saviour, and the apostles.

Mr 12:32-34 adds, that the scribe said, "Well, Master, thou hast said the truth:" and that he assented to what Jesus had said, and admitted that to love God and man in this manner was more than all burnt offerings and sacrifices; that is, was of more value or importance. Jesus, in reply, told him that he was "not far from the kingdom of God;" i.e., by his reply he had shown that he was almost prepared to receive the doctrines of the gospel. He had shown a real acquaintance with the law, which showed he was nearly prepared to receive the teachings of Jesus. See Barnes "Mt 3:2".


Mark and Luke say that this had such an effect on them that no man, after that, durst ask him any question, Lu 20:40; Mr 12:34. This does not mean that none of his disciples durst ask him any question, but none of the Jews. He had confounded all their sects: the Herodians, (Mt 22:15-22;) the Sadducees, (Mt 22:23-33;) and last, the Pharisees, (Mt 22:34-40.) All finding themselves unable to confound him, they gave up the attempt.

{m} "commandments hang" Ro 13:9; Jas 2:8

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