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Verses 18,19. Behold, we go up to Jerusalem. Jesus assured them that what they feared would come to pass. But he had in some measure prepared their minds for this state of suffering, by the promises which he had made to them, Mt 19:27-30; 20:1-16. In all their sufferings they might be assured that eternal rewards were before them.

Shall be betrayed. See Mt 17:22.

Chief Priests and Scribes. The high priest, and the learned men who composed the Sanhedrim, or great council of the nation. He was thus betrayed by Judas, Mt 26:15. He was delivered to the chief priests and scribes, Mt 26:57.

And they shall condemn him to death. They had not power to inflict death, as that was taken away by the Romans; but they had the power of expressing an opinion, and of delivering him to the Romans to be put to death. This they did, Mt 26:66; 27:2.

Shall deliver him to the Gentiles. That is, because they have not the right of inflicting capital punishment, they will deliver him to those who have—the Roman authority. The Gentiles here mean Pontius Pilate and the Roman soldiers. See Mt 27:2,27-30.

To mock, See Barnes "Mt 2:16".


To scourge. That is, to whip. This was done with thongs, or a whip made on purpose; and this punishment was commonly inflicted upon criminals before crucifixion. See Barnes "Mt 10:17".


To crucify him. That is, to put him to death on a cross, the common punishment of slaves. See Mt 27:35.

The third day, etc. For the evidence that this was fulfilled, see Mt 28:1 and following. Mark and Luke say that he shall be spit upon. Spitting on another has always been considered an expression of the deepest contempt. Luke says, Lu 18:31, "All things that are written by the prophets concerning the Son of man shall be accomplished." Among other things, he says he shall be "spitefully entreated;" that is, treated with spite or malice: malice implying contempt. These sufferings of our Saviour, and this treatment, and his death, had been predicted in many places. See Is 53:1-12; Da 9:26,27


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