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Verse 23. Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened, etc. This phrase has reference to the church, or to the way in which God will deal with his people. It shall be in my church as it was with a certain king; or, God will deal with the members of his church as a certain king did with his servants. See Barnes "Mt 3:2".

This parable Mt 13:3 is related to show the duty of forgiving others. It is not necessary to suppose that it was a true narrative, but only that it illustrated the truth which he was teaching. At the same time, it may be true that such an occurrence really took place.

Would take account of his servants. To take account means to reckon, to settle up the affairs. Servants here means, probably, petty princes, or, more likely, collectors of the revenue or taxes. Among the ancients, kings often farmed out, or sold for a certain sum, the taxes of a particular province. Thus, when Judea was subject to Egypt, or Rome, the kings frequently sold to the high priest the taxes to be raised from Judea, on condition of a much smaller sum being paid to them. This secured to them a certain sum, but it gave occasion to much oppression in the collection of the taxes. It is probable that some such persons are intended by the word servants.

{t} "take account" Ro 14:12

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