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Verse 5. And whoso shall receive one such little child. That is, whoso shall receive and love one with a spirit like this child—one who is humble, meek, unambitious, or a real Christian.

In my name. As a follower of me; or, because he is attached to me. Whoso receives one possessed of my spirit, and who, because he has that spirit, loves him, loves me also. The word "receive" means, to approve, love, or treat with kindness; to aid in the time of need. See Mt 25:35-40.

Mr 9:38 and Lu 9:49 add a conversation that took place on this occasion, that has been omitted by Matthew. John told him that they had seen one casting out devils in his name, and they forbade him, because he followed not with them. Jesus replied, that he should not have been forbidden, for there was no one who could work a miracle in his name that could lightly speak evil of him. That is, though he did not attend them, though he had not joined himself to their society, yet he could not really be opposed to him. Indeed they should have remembered, that the power to work a miracle must always come from the same source, that is, God; and that he that had the ability given him to work a miracle, and that did it in the name of Christ, must be a real friend to him. It is probable from this, that the power of working miracles in the name of Christ was given to many who did not attend on his ministry.

{z} "shall offend" Mr 9:42; Lu 17:1,2

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