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Verse 29. Forsaken houses, etc. In the days of Jesus, those who followed him were obliged generally to forsake houses and home, and to attend him. In our times it is not often required that we should literally leave them, except when the life is devoted to him among the heathen; but it is always required that we love them less than we do him; that we give up all that is inconsistent with religion, and be ready to give up all when he demands it.

For my name's sake. From attachment to me. Mark adds, "and the gospel's;" that is, from obedience to the requirements of the gospel, and love for the service of the gospel.

Shall receive an hundredfold. Mark says, "an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters," etc. An hundredfold means a hundred times as much. This is not to be understood literally, but that he will give what will be worth a hundred times as much, in the peace, and joy, and rewards of religion. It is also literally true, that no man's temporal interest is injured by the love of God. Marks adds, "with persecutions." These are not promised as a part of the reward; but amidst their trials and persecutions, they should find reward and peace.

{u} "And every one" Mr 10:29,30; Lu 18:29,30; 1 Co 2:9

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