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Verse 13. Then were there brought unto him little children. See also Mr 10:13-16; Lu 18:16-17. Probably these were brought by some of his followers, who desired not only to devote themselves to Jesus, but all that they had—their children as well as themselves. All the Jews were accustomed to devote their children to God by circumcision. It was natural, therefore, under the new dispensation, that it should be done. Luke says, they were infants. They were undoubtedly those who were not old enough to come by choice, but their coming was an act of the parents.

Put his hands on them, and pray. It was customary among the Jews, when blessings were sought for others in prayer, to lay the hands on the head of the person prayed for, implying a kind of consecration to God. See Ge 48:14; Mt 9:18. They had also much confidence in the prayers of pious men; believing that those blessed by a saint or a prophet would be happy. See Nu 22:6; Lu 2:28.

The disciples rebuked them. That is, reproved them, or told them it was improper. This they did, probably, either

(1.) because they thought they were too young; or,

(2.) because they thought they would be troublesome to their Master.

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