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Verse 14. Was moved with compassion. That is, pitied them. Mr 6:34 says he was moved with compassion because they were as sheep having no shepherd. A. shepherd is one who takes care of a flock. It was his duty to feed it, to defend it from wolves and other wild beasts; to take care of the young and feeble; to lead it by green pastures and still waters, Ps 23:1. In eastern countries this was a principal employment of the inhabitants. When Christ says the people were as sheep without a shepherd, he means that they had no teachers and guides who cared for them, and took pains to instruct them. The scribes and Pharisees were haughty and proud, and cared little for the common people; and when they did attempt to teach them, they led them astray. They therefore came in great multitudes to him who preached the gospel to the poor, Mt 11:5 and who was thus the good Shepherd, Joh 10:14.

 See Barnes on "Mt 14:13"


{e} "saw a great multitude" Mt 9:36; 15:32 {f} "with compassion" Heb 4:15

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