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Verses 14,15. This account is contained also in Mr 1:29-31; and Lu 4:38,39. Mark adds that Simon and Andrew lived together, and that James and John went with them to the house. He adds, also, that before the miracle they spake to him about the sick person. The miracle was direct and complete. She was so completely restored as to attend them, and minister to them. The mention of "Peter's wife's mother," proves that Peter either then was or had been married. The fair and obvious interpretation is, that his wife was then living, comp. 1 Co 9:5; and See Barnes "1 Co 9:15".

Peter is claimed by the Roman Catholics to be the head of the church; and the vicegerent of Christ. The pope, according to their view, is the successor of this apostle. On what pretence do they maintain that it is wrong for priests to marry? Why did not Christ at once reject Peter from being an apostle for having a wife? How remarkable that he should be set up as the head of the church, and an example and a model to all who were to succeed him. But all this is human law, and is contrary to the New Testament. That Peter had a wife was no objection to his being an apostle, and marriage has been expressly declared to be "honourable in ALL," Heb 13:4.

{c} "wife's mother laid" Mr 1:30,31; Lu 4:38,39

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