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Question One


THE FIRST OF THE THEOLOGICAL VIRTUES WHICH we must consider is faith. The second is hope, and the third is charity. Concerning faith, we shall consider first the object of faith, secondly the act of faith, and thirdly the habit of faith.

There are ten questions concerning the object of faith, i. Whether the object of faith is the first truth. 2. Whether the object of faith is that which is simple or that which is complex, i.e., whether it is the reality itself or what can be said about it. 3. Whether what is false can be believed by faith. 4. Whether the object of faith can be something that is seen. 5. Whether it can be something known scientifically. 6. Whether matters of faith ought to be divided into certain articles. 7. Whether the same articles are articles of faith for all time. 8. Concerning the number of articles. 9. Concerning the manner of setting forth the articles in a symbol. 10. As to who is entitled to draw up a symbol of the faith.

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