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The Church Triumphant

509. O Heavenly Jerusalem

St. Alphege:

Henry J. Gauntlett, 1852

All Hallows:

George C. Martin, 1892


Tr. Isaac Williams, 1839

O Heavenly Jerusalem,

Of everlasting halls,

Thrice blessèd are the people

Thou storest in thy walls.

Thou art the golden mansion,

Where saints for ever sing,

The seat of God's own chosen,

The palace of the King.


There God for ever sitteth,

Himself of all the crown;

The Lamb, the Light that shineth,

And never goeth down.

Naught to this seat approacheth

Their sweet peace to molest;

They sing their God for ever,

Nor day nor night they rest.

Sure hope doth thither lead us;

Our longings thither tend;

May shortlived toil ne'er daunt us

For joys that cannot end.

To Christ, the Sun that lightens

His Church above, below;

To Father, and to Spirit

All things created bow.


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