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Sundays after Epiphany

110. Alleluia, song of gladness

Dulce Carmen:

Essay on the Church Plain Chant, 1782;

Arr. Samuel Webbe, 1792


Tr. John Mason Neale, 1861;


Alleluia, song of gladness,

Voice of joy that cannot die;

Alleluia is the anthem

Ever dear to choirs on high;

In the house of God abiding

Thus they sing eternally.

Alleluia thou resoundest,

True Jerusalem and free;

Alleluia, joyful mother,

All thy children sing with thee;

But by Babylon's sad waters

Mourning exiles now are we.


Alleluia cannot always

Be our song while here below;

Alleluia our transgressions

Make us for a while forego:

For the solemn time is coming

When our tears for sin must flow.

Therefore in our hymns we pray thee,

Grant us, blessed Trinity,

At the last to keep thine Easter

In our home beyond the sky;

There to thee for ever singing

Alleluia joyfully.


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