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Trinity Sunday

210. Holy Father, great Creator

Regent Square:

Henry Smart, 1866

Alexander V. Griswold, 1835

Holy Father, great Creator,

Source of mercy, love, and peace,

Look upon the Mediator,

Clothe us with his righteousness;

Heavenly Father,

Through the Savior hear and bless.

Holy Jesus, Lord of glory,

Whom angelic hosts proclaim,

While we hear thy wondrous story,

Meet and worship in thy Name,

Dear Redeemer,

In our hearts thy peace proclaim.

Holy Spirit, Sanctifier,

Come with unction from above,

Raise our hearts to raptures higher,

Fill them with the Savior's love!

Source of comfort,

Cheer us with the Savior's love.

God the Lord, through every nation

Let thy wondrous mercies shine!

In the song of thy salvation

Every tongue and race combine!

Great Jehovah,

Form our hearts and make them thine.


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