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Holy Week

143. All glory, laud, and honor with refrain

St. Theodulph:

Melchior Teschner, c. 1613


Latin; St. Theodulph, 800;

Tr. John Mason Neale, 1854

All glory, laud, and honor

To thee, Redeemer, King!

To whom the lips of children

Made sweet hosannas ring.

Thou art the King of Israel,

Thou David's royal Son,

Who in the Lord's Name comest,

The King and Blessed One.

The company of angels

Are praising thee on high;

And mortal men, and all things

Created, make reply.

The people of the Hebrews

With palms before thee went:

Our praise and prayers and anthems

Before thee we present.

To thee before thy Passion

They sang their hymns of praise:

To thee, now high exalted,

Our melody we raise.

Thou didst accept their praises;

Accept the prayers we bring,

Who in all good delightest,

Thou good and gracious King.


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